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Discussion and crisis support

Need help caring for your mental health or coping ability in this coronavirus era?

MIELI Mental Health Finland has prepared a list of 16 tips intended for everyone living through the coronavirus crisis. MIELI reminds us that the crisis is sure to spark a range of emotions, including fear, in all of us. At the same time, however, the association wishes to offer comfort and practical advice on supporting and strengthening our own mental health and that of those close to us. Read more:

City of Helsinki service numbers


Mon–Thu 9:00–16:00 and Fri 10:00–15:00
09 310 11111
Provides guidance and advice in questions regarding City of Helsinki services.
Service description

Health guidance

Open every day around the clock
09 310 10023
Serves Helsinki residents in non-urgent issues relating to health and health care services.
Service description ​

Medical Helpline

Open every day around the clock
116 117
In cases of sudden illnesses and minor injuries during weekdays, the primary treatment location of Helsinki residents is their own health station. Contact information and service hours of health stations
If your health station is closed, assess your symptoms through Omaolo or call the Medical Helpline at 116 117. You can assess your need for treatment and obtain treatment instructions through the Omaolo service or, in the event urgent health issues, call the toll-free Medical Helpline at 116 117 (no area code needed) before visiting an emergency clinic. The Medical Helpline is available 24/7. In the event of an emergency, please call 112.
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Social services counselling

Mon–Fri 9:00–16:00
09 310 44400
Provides advice and guidance on social services, applying for benefits and subsidies and any questions related to these issues.
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​Emergency social services

Every day around the clock
020 696 006
Outside of office hours, Helsinki's Emergency social services will assess whether a need for social services is urgent and imperative and will take the necessary measures. Among other things, the need for help may have to do with a child’s unsafe living conditions or worrying behaviour, domestic violence, or an adult or elderly person’s need for social welfare services.   
Service description

Crisis emergency services

Every day around the clock
09 310 44222
Helsinki's Crisis emergency support provides emergency crisis support in sudden crises to locals and people present in Helsinki for any reason. Examples of acute crises include an unexpected death of a loved one, a violent incident, a severe injury or illness, a fire or an accident. 
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​Helsinki's Senior Info

Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00 (closed 24-25 December 2020 and 6 January 2021)
Tel. 09 310 44556 ​

Senior Info is a helpline and information service (in Finnish and Swedish) for local residents that provides a wide variety of information and guidance with regard to senior services provided by the City of Helsinki, associations and businesses. The Senior Info services are aimed at people over 65 years of age and their loved ones. If you know someone older than 65 whose well-being concerns you and it is evident that they cannot seek assistance independently, you can also use Senior Info to submit an official concern notice electronically. You can submit the notice online at or by telephone.​​
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Coronavirus Helpline   

09 310 10024 (daily 8:00–18:00)
If you suspect a coronavirus infection, ring Helsinki's Coronavirus Helpline. 
Service description 

Helsinki parishes

On-call pastor

09 2340 9000
every day 9:00–21:00 from 24 December onwards
The on-call pastors of Helsinki parishes can be reached by telephone for counselling and discussion support, even during the Christmas holidays. If you have something on your mind, please do not hesitate to contact the service.

Prästerna i Helsingfors församlingar

09 2340 9001, varje dag mellan kl 9–21.
Ta kontakt med våra jourande präster ifall något tynger dig.

Church support helpline

0400 221 180
every evening 18:00–24:00, also during the Christmas holidays. 

Church support chat
Mon–Fri 12:00–20:00, and 24-25 December

Is something on your mind? The church discussion support service is for those who need mental or spiritual support. The on-call staff consists of trained volunteers and church employees who are bound by confidentiality. Contact the service by phone or through the chat service

See the full offering of Helsinki parishes during the holidays: The site provides a wealth of links to church services and musical events organised by parishes. Why not get off the sofa and visit a church at Christmas!

The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People 

Vahvikelinja helpline

050 328 8588
During the holidays (20 December 2020–5 January 2021) every day 13:00–15:00 (at other times Mon, Tue and Sun 13:00–15:00)​

The purpose of the Vahvikelinja helpline is to provide assistance over the phone with the help of trained volunteers. The aim is to maintain the mental and physical capacity of seniors by adding variety and engaging activities to day-to-day life.​

The phone calls can involve solving puzzles together, taking quizzes or simply chatting and reminiscing. The opportunity for guided exercise sessions over the phone is also available, either sitting or standing up. The selection of available activities and exercises ranges from easy to more challenging, and the callers are always free to choose those that suit them best. The most important thing however is to share a relaxed and reinvigorating moment.

The Vahvikelinja number is covered by the call packages provided by the most common operators, which means that you will not incur any extra costs for the calls.​

You can also submit a contact request to Vahvikelinja on behalf of another person. The return call will take place during the on-call hours on the next day. Always ask permission from the elderly person to be contacted before leaving a request.  All we need is a telephone number, which you can provide either by calling the coordinator of volunteer activities Outi Hellsten by phone at tel. 050 5145 711 or e-mail outi.hellsten(at)​ 


Aamukorva morning helpline 

045 341 0504, every morning 5:00–8:00 for persons aged 60 and above
You can call Aamukorva if you need to talk to someone. Your call will always be answered by a volunteer trained for the task. The conversations are confidential. The price of the call depends on the pricing applied by the caller’s operator. link

Christmas Helpline of the Finnish Red Cross

0800 100 200 (in Finnish)
0800 100 300 (in Swedish)
Open Thu 24.12. – Sun 27.12.2020 at 15:00-21:00.
Mental support for those who are in need of listening ears and experience loneliness.

MIELI Mental Health Finland ​

National Crisis Helpline​

09 2525 0111​
Open 24/7​

You can call the MIELI National Crisis Helpline if you have difficulty coping with your thoughts alone. You do not need a reference of any kind to call the service. Talking about your issues and being heard will calm and clear your mind and ease the negative emotions. All calls to the crisis helpline will be answered by crisis work professionals and trained volunteers who are supported by professionals. You can call anonymously – your number is not shown to the on-call worker. More information can be found at

Crisis Helpline in Arabic and English

09 2525 0113​
Mon and Tue 11:00–15:00, Wed 13:00–16:00 and 17:00–21:00 and Thu 10:00–15:00.​
Closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day  and New Year’s Day.

Kristelefon, crisis helpline in Swedish

09 2525 0112 ​
Mon and Wed 16:00–20:00 and Tue, Thu and Fri 9:00–13:00
Closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 24.–25.12., New Year’s Day 1.1. and Epiphany 6.1.

Sekasin-chat is a discussion service aimed at people between 12 and 29 years of age that supports mental well-being and coping with mental health problems. The chat offers hope to all young people and helps solve the problems weighing on their minds.
Open Mon–Fri 9:00–24:00, Sat–Sun 15:00–24:00, including over the holidays. ​

The online crisis centre Tukinet provides discussion and peer support around a variety of themes. Take part in group discussions or chat sessions or write to your designated support person.

Victim Support Finland​

​Have you fallen victim to a criminal offense? The helpline at tel. 116 006 provides crime victims with the opportunity to talk to someone who understands what it means to fall victim to a crime. The number is free of charge and you can call anonymously.
Mon–Tue 13:00–21:00 and Wed–Fri 17:00–21:00. 
Legal helpline, 0800 161 177, Mon–Thu 17:00–19:00


080 005 005
Open every day around the clock

Nollalinja is a free national helpline for all those who have suffered violence or been threatened with it in a close relationship. The service is free of charge.

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