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Christmas cheer and activities online

Even though we cannot physically meet with others for a while, the world can luckily still come to us through network cables. find some tips for inspiring, interesting and useful website content below.

Maintaining social relationships

In 2020, we no longer need to rely on phone calls, e-mails or text messages alone. The capital area's Helmet library service has listed tips on various online services and operating models that can be used to maintain social relationships despite not being in the same place. The list features discussion platforms (e.g. Facebook Messenger) as well as gaming platforms that can be used to play a variety of games, such as traditional boardgames with people you know or total strangers.  The majority of the options listed are free services – any paid expansions required are indicated for each respective service.

Sports and exercise

The emergency conditions highlight the importance of basic things, such as physical activity. Prolonged immobility or refusing to get out of bed will causes our functional capability to deteriorate rapidly.

The City of Helsinki's video service Helsinki-kanava offers a wide range of low-threshold exercise tips for a variety of target groups. It features easy-to-organize activity sessions for families with children, young people and older people as well. Engage in yoga, dance, chair exercise or Kara’s training sessions, accept Sirkus Magenta’s circus challenge or go on an activity-filled space adventure for the whole family.  Almost 100 physical exercise tips are waiting for you. Explore Helsinki-kanava’s sports and exercise content (select liikunta ja ulkoilu as the search category): 



Helsinki-kanava also provides a variety of cultural events and activities to enjoy. Culture lovers can watch concerts of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, guest authors and story sessions at the library, exhibition tours at Helsinki Art Museum, videos and podcasts released by the City Museum, and the ‘Graffitin aika’ (Age of Graffiti) interview series produced by the City’s Youth Services.

Explore Helsinki-kanava’s cultural content (select kulttuuri or kulttuuri ja vapaa-aika as the search category):

Yle Areena programme streaming service

This cornucopia of audio visual content from the Finnish public broadcaster Yle serves people of all ages. Documentaries on nature and history, topical talk shows, cultural shows, programmes for children and young people, domestic and foreign series and films are all mere clicks away. 

Literature and new library services

“There I am never alone,” wrote author Merete Mazzarella in reference to reading and literature. Upon opening a book, we engage in a discussion with its writer, which makes every book a new opportunity.

Helmet e-library

Due to the coronavirus restrictions, the meeting areas and collection facilities of Helsinki area Helmet libraries will be closed to customers until 10 January 2021, but books and other materials can be borrowed and returned using the self-service machines. However, the Helmet libraries’ e-services provide a wealth of things to read as well as other activities, such as online courses. 

The e-libraries feature magazines, books, audio books and music. You can also use the online course to study a variety of things, such as languages and playing an instrument. You can reserve and borrow courses in the same as other materials using your library card and PIN code.

Did you know that Celia’s audio book service is intended for everyone who has difficulty reading conventional books due to a reading impairment, illness, disability or similar reason? Some Helmet libraries provide the opportunity to sign up as a customer of the Celia special library.

Yle Areena audio books

Yle Areena’s collection of audio books focuses on classics of Finnish literature.
Yle Areena’s audio books (in Finnish) 

Senior Info’s tips for the coronavirus crisis

The Senior Info website provides access to an extensive collection of tips (in Finnish) for seniors to get through the coronavirus crisis. The site features instructions on mobility, digital support, cultural hobbies and physical activities. The site also includes contact information for important social and health care services at this time.

Photo above: Julius Konttinen/Helsinki Marketing

22.12.2020 22:40