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Summer activities on offer at public playgrounds

Children in early childhood education and care after a trip abroad

If a child cannot be cared for at home for 14 days after arriving in Finland from abroad due to their guardians having to work, for example, the child’s attendance at early childhood education and care is considered an essential engagement in the same manner as their guardian’s work. The child’s other essential engagements (such as appointments at the maternity and child health clinic or with a doctor) can also be taken care of.

  • Children in early childhood education and care after a trip abroad
  • Opening schools did not increase the number of infections in Helsinki

    Schools switched to contact teaching on 14 May. There was about two and a half weeks of contact teaching before the schools’ summer holidays. During this time, coronavirus infections were discovered in eight schools across Helsinki. All but one of the infections originated from outside the school.

    Summer activities on offer at public playgrounds

    It is now time to celebrate the school work done during the school year, the end of the school year and the start of the summer vacation, so a virtual end of year celebration has been produced for guardians, pupils and school staff. The virtual end of year celebration video will be released on Helsinki-kanava (

    This coming summer, Helsinki’s public playgrounds will arrange summer camp activities for schoolchildren in grades 1-3 on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. The camps are free of charge, but children must pre-register to participate. As in previous years, the city will also provide free hot lunches to children at some Helsinki playgrounds, with no registration required.

    Free mid-day meal served to all children under the age of 16

    The City of Helsinki will also continue its long tradition of serving a free-of-charge noon lunch to children at select playgrounds, this year on weekdays from 1 June to 7 August. Check the Summer Playgrounds website for a list of the playgrounds that will be participating. No pre-registration is necessary for the summer playground meal, as all Helsinki children under the age of 16 are welcome to participate, as long as they bring their own spoon or fork and water bottle. Keep in mind that playground interiors are reserved for summer camp participants only, meaning that indoor restrooms and water taps will be off-limits.

    Helsinki Helpline for Families provides access to services and support

    Individual family members or families that need assistance can contact Helsinki’s Family Support Services by calling tel. 09 310 15454 on weekdays from 9 am to 12 pm. Service in the Swedish language is available every Monday during these same hours. The phone line has a call-back service.

    The same service can also be accessed 24/7 by clicking on the Need Help? icon found in the bottom right corner of the city’s Family Support webpages.

    Day care centres remain open

    Day care centres and pre-primary education for six year olds are open. The City of Helsinki has decided to refund day care fees in full to families that have followed official recommendations and cared for their preschool children at home. This policy of refunding day care fees for unused services will expire on 13 May.

    Playground activities also available online

    Helsinki’s playgrounds have organised play and activity sessions for infants, toddlers, families with children and schoolchildren via the City of Helsinki's Helsinki-kanava video service. The selection includes singalongs and playtime for little ones and exercise and music for school-aged children.

    Practical assistance and emotional support for Helsinki families 

    Helsinki's Family Centres offer low-threshold services to families in need of a sympathetic ear, helpful information or practical assistance. Ring the Family phone service at tel. 09 310 15454 on weekdays from 9 am to 12 pm. 

    The City of Helsinki provides a wide range of support for families, children and young people, please use these services if you feel alone, confused or need help.

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