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Support and services for businesses

The City of Helsinki is actively seeking solutions to help the many businesses that find themselves in dire financial circumstances due to the covid-19 coronavirus.

Free business consulting from the city

The City of Helsinki offers a free advsisory service for business owners that provides practical advice and support. The NewCo Helsinki service aims to improve people’s general understanding of the coronavirus situation's effect on commerce as well as come up with concrete actions to provide immediate assistance to business owners in distress.

NewCo Helsinki's business counselling service is free of charge and open to everyone. The service has also compiled a helpful list of entrepreneurial support services on its website.

NewCo Accelerator and Node by Slush team up to help startups

The City of Helsinki's NewCo Accelerator and the startup conference organiser Slush are working together this autumn to develop and build the future of startup activities. Among other things, the City of Helsinki is supporting the activities of Helsinki-based startups by paying for the participation and mentoring of 100 new businesses in the Node by Slush platform. 

NewCo Accelerator  is a new service targeting startups with clear potential who are looking for external financing, but are unable to find a suitable service provider due to the coronavirus situation. The accelerator and incubator also provides counselling to budding startups.

Helsinki updates event planner guidelines for coronavirus era

Municipal authorities and service providers from the City of Helsinki have drawn up new supplementary guidelines for event planners to limit the spread of the covid-19 coronavirus at public events. Organisers of the annual football tournament Helsinki Cup and the Suvilahti Summer festival contributed to the process. The new guidelines assist event planners to prevent the spread of covid-19, and in this way ensure that event participants will have a safe experience.

Organisations need not pay back grants for cancelled events

The City of Helsinki will also not require repayment of municipal funding granted for 2020 events that were cancelled due to covid-19. Organisations that were recipients of the grants can instead adapt and adjust their activities to the situation, if possible, in order to provide their target audience with important services just the same. In other words, the plan that inspired the funding can be altered, but it still must fulfil the grant’s principles, even after the changes. No separate permission is required to make these changes.

Instructions for food industry businesses during the coronavirus pandemic

During the current epidemic, food industry businesses such as restaurants, cafés, grocery shops, bakeries and other food production facilities must maintain excellent hygiene in their operations. The City of Helsinki's Environmental Division has compiled a series of recommendations, and the Finnish Food Authority is also a source of helpful information in this area. 

Payment flexibility

The City of Helsinki has also extended the payment period on customer billing of over 100 euros for various city services from 30 days to 60, at the customer’s request, until further notice. The city has also offered early payment of pending invoices to help business owners maintain liquidity. The City of Helsinki-owned energy company Helen has likewise extended its payment times. 

22.12.2020 23:17