Photo: Helsinki City Council document nr. 33/1914.
Photo: Helsinki City Planning Department
Photo: Nasakuva Oy / Helsinki City Museum
Photo: Helsinki City Museum
Photo: Oy Yleisradio Ab / Helsinki City Museum

Photo: Helsinki City Planning Department


The planning of the Central Park

Planning history

The Central Park is part of the townscape and history of Helsinki. In 1911, Architect Bertel Jung drew up a proposal for a Helsinki Central Park that covered the areas of Kaisaniemi, Hakasalmi, Hesperia, and Eläintarha, as well as the southern part of the forests at Reijola. The plan was later revised by extending the Central Park into an entire zone of forests and parks running through the city. The plan included areas for sports and other outdoor activities with services, and an extensive network of hiking trails. Also included were the Olympic Stadium and the Swimming Stadium, as well as other notable buildings associated with the Olympics.

To safeguard the development of the Central Park, a component master plan for the area was ratified in 1978, and parts of the park are covered by the town plan. The area for the Central Park indicated in the component master plan begins from Laakso at the northern side of Töölö Bay and continues to the River Vantaa. The area of the Central Park is also indicated in the 2002 Helsinki Master Plan.

Planning today: The Central Park and Helsinki Park

The central park area of Bertel Jung's time is now the southernmost section of today’s Central Park; it includes the Kaisaniemi park, park areas around Töölönlahti Bay, the City Garden, Linnanmäki Amusement Park, and the Olympic Stadium. International design competitions have been organised for the development of the Kaisaniemi and Töölönlahti park areas. The Central Park’s southernmost section forms an outdoor “living room” for the residents of Helsinki that combines culture and recreation.

The Central park continues northwards toward Haltiala and the Helsinki Park that begins at Vantaanjokilaakso. The parks also converge in the southern Siltasaari area.

The Central Park’s Town Planning

The area of the Central Park is indicated in the 2002 Helsinki Master Plan. The master plan safeguards the retention of the Central Park.

On the basis of the master plan, town plans for the entire Central Park have been drawn up.

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