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Subsidies for renovations

Some construction projects are eligible for government grants for which a municipal statement is needed.

The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) provides state subsidies and grants to corporate customers and repair grants to private customers.

Every year, ARA publishes the ARA Subsidies Guide, which contains important information on loans, interest subsidies and grants for the purchase, construction and renovation of owner-occupied and rental housing.

Read more about ARA subsidies on the ARA website

For these ARA applications, you will need a statement from the municipality:

  • Short-term subsidised loan for new construction
  • Subsidised loan for the construction of rental and right-of-occupancy housing
  • Subsidised loan for the renovation of rental and right-of-occupancy housing
  • Interest subsidy for the purchase of a rental apartment or rental house
  • Guarantee loans for rental houses
  • Guarantee loan for basic renovation commissioned by housing cooperatives
  • Investment grants for specific groups In addition to the municipal statement, a separate statement from social affairs and health is also required, explaining the need for the project. You will receive a social affairs and health statement together with the municipal statement.

Municipal statement on ARA applications

Without a positive statement from the municipality, a project cannot receive a conditional provision from ARA. The statement takes a position on the suitability of the project for the housing stock and the housing market situation in the municipality. For more information on the municipal statements, please call 09 310 34174 (Veikko Hentilä) or send an email to .

Send an application for the statement required by ARA to the City of Helsinki at . The municipality will give its opinion on the project and submit the documents to ARA.