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Services for people with intellectual disabilities in Kårkulla transferred to the City of Helsinki

Housing and day activities, as well as the disability clinic in Kårkulla, became part of the City of Helsinki’s services at the beginning of 2023. Approximately 70 employees and 200 clients are being transferred to the City’s services.
Pidetään käsiä puun rungon päällä

The City of Helsinki is taking charge of Kårkulla’s three housing units with approximately 80 residents, two day activity units with approximately 100 clients and the disability clinic. The services have approximately 70 employees in total. 

Kårkulla, a Swedish-language special care district, was abolished as the new wellbeing services counties began their operations in January.  As a result of legislative changes, the responsibility for organising the services of special care districts was transferred to the City of Helsinki and the new wellbeing services counties. 

In bilingual wellbeing services counties, health and social services must be provided in both Finnish and Swedish, and clients must be able to choose their service language. The client base transferring from Kårkulla is Swedish-speaking.

Transferring the housing services and work and day activities of Kårkulla to the wellbeing services counties has not required any actions or special arrangements from clients, their families or the employees. 

-   “We warmly welcome the Kårkulla staff to continue their important work in Helsinki Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division’s Services for the Disabled,” says Acting Director of Services for the Disabled Kristiina Räihä.