Influenza vaccinations and new COVID-19 vaccination round to start in October

News about vaccinations in Helsinki.

Influenza vaccinations and a new round of COVID-19 vaccinations will start at the centralised vaccination points of Helsinki on 31 October. The vaccination is by appointment. The appointment booking will open at the end of October. The appointment booking opening will be announced separately.

The influenza vaccination is free of charge for

More detailed information on influenza vaccinations will be available at

COVID-19 booster vaccine will be administered to

  • people aged 65 and older
  • people at risk aged 18 and older
  • people aged 12 and older suffering from severe immunodeficiency
  • people aged 18–59 who have not yet received the recommended three doses
  • people aged 60–64 who have not yet received the recommended four doses

The booster dose can be administered to people aged 65 and older, at risk and suffering from immunodeficiency when at least three months have passed since the previous dose or recovery from COVID-19. As regards the other groups, vaccination will continue according to the previous recommendations.

In hospitals and care units, the new round of vaccinations will be started earlier.

If you have not had one of the previous COVID-19 doses, you can have it at the vaccination point during the autumn.

Influenza and COVID-19 vaccine at the same time

The aim is to offer the COVID-19 and influenza vaccine at the same time, where possible. In this case, please book just one vaccination appointment. You do not need two vaccination appointments.

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Photo: Virpi Velin