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Apply for a newly renovated Heka's family apartment in Vartioharju

You can now apply for a newly renovated Heka apartments at Rusthollarintie 8 in Vartioharju. The apartments will be available 1.9. & 1.10.2022.
Rusthollarintie 8
Rusthollarintie 8


The apartments in Rusthollarintie 8 have kitchen and three rooms and have 65,5 - 74 m2. Rents vary between 760 - 825 euro.

All the apartments are completely renovated. The house does have an elevator.

Rusthollarintie 8 is a non-smoking property, so it is forbidden to smoke in the yard, inside the apartments as well as on the balcony.

You can apply for the apartments until tenants have been selected for the apartments.

How to apply for apartments in Rusthollarintie 8 

Read the information on Heka's website

Read the instructions how to apply for Heka’s rental apartment.

When you are filling the housing application, specify the details of the apartment to be searched in the first page of the application.

In Rusthollarintie 8 the details are:

Area: Itä-Helsinki

Residential area: Vartioharju

Type of building: Apartment

Apartment type: 3 rm

Min m2 – Max m2: 65,5 - 74 m2

Maximum rent € / month: 760 - 825

Then click ‘Search for free apartments’ and the application shows matching apartments according to the details you have specified.

Rusthollarintie 8