Mentoring for small entrepreneurs

Are you considering the future perspectives of your business?

Many entrepreneurs are considering how to manage their business. How do I increase my sales? How do I strengthen profitability? What should I focus on and what should I leave out? There are many tricky questions – however, you do not have to consider them alone.

Business Helsinki offers mentoring in cooperation with Business Mentors Finland (Suomen Yrityskummit ry).

Suomen Yrityskummit form a nationwide network of experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders and -experts. Your mentor will give you access to his experience and expertise. He will act as your sparring partner and interlocutor, providing you with guidance and support in your decision making. Your conversations with the mentor are confidential and they will proceed according to your own needs and conditions. You make the decisions yourself and you are responsible for their implementation. However, the mentor will walk alongside you by opening questions and offering support, and stimuli as you seek answers to them.

A business mentor from Yrityskummit can give you free support to develop your business.
Together with your mentor, you analyze your company’s operating options and set development goals based on them. The mentor will also be there to help you weigh the means to achieve your goals, implement action plans and monitor the results achieved.

How to get a business mentor?
Are you an entrepreneur with a functioning small business? If so, you can send an application to Suomen Yrityskummit on their webpage (Link leads to external service).