Event worker recruitment

Looking for gig workers for your event or a more permanent reinforcement for your team? Are you a producer or organiser of events or a subcontractor, third sector or public actor offering services for events in Helsinki? Helsinki Employment Services help event organisers in fulfilling their social responsibility by connecting event industry employers and disadvantaged jobseekers in Helsinki’s event industry.

City experts can help you with the following:

  • To find the right employees for short-term and long-term jobs in the event industry, including, for example,
    • event production (e.g. AV, media production or production assistant, marketing assistant)
    • building and disassembly (e.g. builders, disassemblers, roadies, decorators, event technical assistants)
    • customer service and duties at the event site (e.g. ticket seller, traffic controller, cleaner, steward, cloakroom assistant)
    • sales, alcohol serving and security tasks.
  • To train employees for specific events and job descriptions together with city partners providing training (e.g. Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute, Metropolia and Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College).
  • To find and apply for suitable financial support so you can hire an employee. Entitlement to the subsidy and its amount and form depends on various factors such as the duration of the work and how long the employed people have been unemployed.

The recruitment process is designed and tailored to the needs of each individual employer and event. The level of recruitment support available varies from a Helsinki Employment Services-organised recruitment event to pre-selecting the jobseekers, outsourcing the entire recruitment to the employment services and using the employment services’ channels to market the job opportunities.

Please determine the following before contacting us:

  • the time, duration and nature of the event
  • what kind of workforce is needed for the event (e.g. skills, tasks, number of workers)
  • duration of the workforce need 

Please contact the event recruitment support preferably about four months before the event starts.


Contact the service contact person Mikko von Hertzen (+358 40 186 6425(Link starts a phone call), mikko.vonhertzen@hel.fi(Link opens default mail program)).

This is what promoting good jobs at events is all about!

Contact the responsible specialist at the employment service and book an appointment for a needs assessment and employment planning at least four months before the event. With the employment service specialist, you discuss points such as, what kind of process would suit your needs, what kind of financial employment support is available and what kind of training could be provided for the employed. We can help with the recruitment of individual employees (e.g. pre-selection by employment services) or mass recruitment of employees (e.g. group interviews by employment services).

Our partners can provide training for employees in cases such as, licensing requirements, while the responsibility for task-specific training lies with the employer. Employment services and partners also organise training to promote the jobseekers’ skills or employment opportunities in the event industry.Training related to work tasks is agreed upon with the employer and the employee during the employment agreement process.

Our recruitment service requires the employer to appoint a supervisor responsible for the employee’s orientation and support in the work. The employer must also commit to the principles of good cooperation with the employment service. It helps if the employer has a positive and flexible attitude towards cooperation. Though young people, foreign-language speakers and/or the long-term unemployed employed through the service are motivated to work and learn, they are not necessarily professionals in the field or yet have all the skills required in working life.


Upon the end of the event-related tasks, the employer shall write a work certificate within 14 days of the end of the work period and give feedback on the employee’s performance and our service by responding to a feedback questionnaire.

The aim is to promote the long-term employment of jobseekers and their integration into the labour market.

The employer may also hire the person for other tasks, write a recommendation or offer to be a reference and/or mentor to the person and help them to network in the field.

Case example: Helsinki Cup

Helsinki Cup hires hundreds of young people for the event. About 10 people are employed annually through employment services to work as stewards and parking ticket sellers, for example. 

“We have found good employees through the city service. Also, this is really valuable work that gives young people an experience of belonging and being an important part of the event organisations”, says Kirsi Kavanne, CEO of the Helsinki Cup. 


Photo: Vesa Laitinen