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Starting a business in Helsinki

This page contains information on the service providers offering basic information, training, events and personal coaching for starting and developing a business. 

Entrepreneurship info events

Helsinki organises entrepreneurship info events where experts give essential basic information on entrepreneurship and how to apply for a start-up grant. During the events, we systematically go through all the things you need to consider when starting as an entrepreneur. The event provides answers to questions like what are the options for becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business, what are the stages of starting a business, what influences the choice of business type and how to finance your business. The info events are held in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Estonian and Arabic.

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Kuvituskuva: palaveri
Photo: Marek Sabogal , N2 Albiino

Start-up grant for customers of the municipal experiment

Photo: Jussi Hellsten

New entrepreneurs can apply for a start-up grant from the TE Office or municipality. More information on the start-up grant is available on the TE Office pages.

The City of Helsinki awards entrepreneur start-up grants for customers of the municipal experiment in Helsinki.  You must apply for a start-up grant before establishing your business. The grant cannot be awarded if the full-time business activities have already started before the decision on the grant is made. Company funding and any business premises must be organised before the application is submitted.

If you are a customer of the municipal employment experiment and have any questions or need help with completing the start-up grant application, please e-mail at