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Helsinki Lab

Design-työpaja kaupungintalolla. Kuva: Kimmo Brandt

Helsinki Lab makes design know-how, digitality and dialogue an integral part of the development of the City. Lab integrates the City organisation and partners to work together in view of creating a better city and new business operations.

Helsinki Lab is an experimental collaboration platform, which engages different parties to joint, interactive projects. The operations of the Lab are developed along the way and the aim is to come up with new, proven practices, processes and services. The approach is user-oriented.

The aim of the activities is to develop Helsinki by means of service design and make it an even more functional and attractive place to live in and visit.

Helsinki Lab is headed by City Design Manager Päivi Hietanen.

Helsinki Lab – Design, digitality and dialogue

Photo: Kimmo Brandt, City of Helsinki

12.05.2020 14:33