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World Design Capital Helsinki 2012

Helsinki was the World Design Capital of 2012 together with its neighbouring cities of Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen and Lahti. WDC Helsinki 2012 promoted design with 550 projects and 2,800 events. The programme was implemented by a network of 290 organizations in Finland and abroad. The year’s exhibitions, events and sites attracted 2.5 million visitors.

WDC Helsinki 2012 wanted to achieve things whose impact will reach far into the future. The aim was to inspire dialogue on how design can be used to make life better, easier and more functional. One of the main objectives was to offer methods for ordinary citizens to participate in developing their living environment.

WDC Helsinki 2012 reached its objects. The year widened the use of design in Finland in a number of ways. It also increased the understanding of the possibilities design offers and gained exceptional international attention. The city residents gained a deeper insight into the importance of design and its impact on their daily life, and the user’s perspective in design was highlighted, and design was used to solve problems in different environments.

26.02.2020 20:33