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Design Education

Kids at Helsinki Design Week workshop. Photo: Aino Huovio, City of Helsinki

Helsinki is a pioneer in architecture and design education. The City has joined forces with design organizations and projects to develop contents for architecture and design education for use by teachers.

There are several teachers and schools in Helsinki dedicated to design education. For example, the Arabia Comprehensive School teaches design as part of creative problem solving that crosses subject boundaries, and the methods of design education are used in all subjects on grades 1–9. The Kruununhaka Comprehensive School for grades 7–9 offers a design track for local students.

One way to include design in education is through the Culture Path. Learners at Helsinki comprehensive schools follow a Culture Path from one grade to the next. The path includes suggestions for cultural contents, including design, for each grade. Every learner should make at least one cultural visit in a year. Culture Path ensures that every learner has an opportunity to be familiarized with various cultural contents and cultural operators during their basic education

Hanna Harris, Chief Design Officer of the City of Helsinki says:

“I consider the following to be of very high importance: architecture and design education provides children and young people with means for creative problem solving and for the development of their identity. They learn to comprehend their neighbourhoods, to understand planning and various materials, and they obtain tools to participate in building our joint future.”

Photo: Aino Huovio, City of Helsinki

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Design Education

Support material for design education in the schools of Helsinki.

Design education advances sustainable development

Helsinki applies design thinking in education and promotes the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.