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SLOVAKIA, Say Cheese!

SLOVAKIA, say cheese! – photography exhibition in Helsinki City Hall's Virka Gallery presents the various faces of this Central European country through the lenses of a fresh generation of Slovak photographers. The presented projects focus on different questions, paradoxes, events, and traits of Slovak life. Their methodology balances on the verge between documentary and artistic approach. Therefore, the exhibition does not only create an extensive picture of Slovakia, but also offers a closer look at the contemporary language of Slovak photography.

Slovakia is a diverse and colourful country, where different cultural layers coexist together – a mix of tradition, folklore and religion with modern, urban and secular elements. In the past ten years, there has been an increased interest to document this unique diversity and the dynamic force of change in Slovakia, especially among young artists.

Martin Kleibl is searching for peculiarities and special perspectives in seemingly mundane situations and compositions. Ján Viazanička & Boris Németh closely follow the post-communist transformations of Slovakia. Šymon Kliman's project depicts the Slovak people from different social and cultural backgrounds. The insight into the human nature is also typical for the pictures by Peter Ančic. Juraj Fifik & Tomáš Manina expand the visual archive of Slovakia through photos of buildings that contributed to the on-going building of the modern (Czecho-)Slovakia in the 2nd third of the 20th century. Ján Kekeli is inviting the audience to enter his monumental, large format photographs of Slovak landscape that resemble classical paintings and concentrates on the relationship between nature and urban country.

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