Outreach youth work

Outreach youth work offers support and guidance to young people aged 15-to-29-years-old. Outreach youth work helps young people to find answers to questions that they are struggling with and reach the public sector services they need.

The primary objective is to help young people who are outside the education or labour market.

Young people can reach out to outreach youth work themselves. Guardians may also directly contact outreach youth workers.

In Helsinki outreach youth work is offered by

-from 15 to 17 of age:The Future Desk (Tulevaisuustiski)
-Swedish-speaking youth from 15 to 29 of age:Ungdomsverkstaden Sveps
-Under 29 of age:
Helsingin seudun erilaiset oppijat ry
Stadin ammattiopiston etsivä työ/ urasuunnitteluohjaajat


To young people between 15 and 29 of age.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish


Education Department, Helsinki
The Department of Social Services and Health Care, Helsinki