Helsinki Mayors

The Mayor and Deputy Mayors make up the executive group of the City. They monitor the operations of the City Group units, ensure uniform management and administration of the City Group, and assess needs to develop the City Group structure.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayors each manage, supervise and develop the City administration in their respective fields of responsibility, ensuring that the objectives defined for the operations are achieved. They also monitor the operations of the boards, departments and organizations under their authority and, when necessary, give guidelines and orders to the directors of the departments and institutions and other people in charge. The Mayor and Deputy Mayors should also ensure that the City’s best interests are maintained in the organizations, institutions and foundations where the City exercises decision making power.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayors present the matters under their authority in City Board meetings. They should also be present at City Council meetings and can make statements at the meetings. The Mayor directs the City administration, financial management and other operations, reporting to the City Board.

Helsinki Mayors’ email addresses are

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