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Autumn 2014

The Finnish Adult Education Centre of the City of Helsinki offers Finnish classes ranging from beginner level to advanced level courses. Dozens of courses at different levels are held in various locations in Helsinki. Most of the courses start either at the beginning of September or at the beginning of January.

Finnish classes are held in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. One course usually takes about three months and the classes meet twice a week (5-6 hours per week). The intensive course classes meet four times a week (12 or 13 hours per week).

The language of instruction is mainly Finnish. The teacher may use some other language if necessary. If the language of instruction is some other language than Finnish, it is mentioned in the name of the course or in course description.

Courses designed for immigrants are also offered in the following topics: information technology, home economics, crafts, art, music and foreign languages. In addition, the Adult Education Centre holds lectures in English and Russian on Finnish culture, society and history

Course fees and discounts
The course fee depends on the duration of the course. Finnish courses normally consist of 70 lessons; the fee for such courses is € 44. Further information on the fees can be obtained in the course-specific information sections.

An immigrant course fee is 50% of the normal course price. Other discounts for the immigrant courses are not available. Further discounts for such courses not available. An exception are the training voucher courses (Opintoseteli).

At the end of the course you can get the certificate of participation at the office, if you have attended at least two thirds of lessons.

You are also welcome to participate in courses not specially designed for immigrants!



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