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 Kannelmäki Health Station

NB: Due to health stations’ staff education days the answering time for incoming telephone calls may on Tuesday 6.10.2015 and on Tuesday 20.10.2015 be longer than normally. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Kannelmäki Health StationStreet address: Kaustisenpolku 6 A, 00420 Helsinki
Postal address: P.O.BOX 6620, 00099 City of Helsinki
Health station's office: tel. (09) 310 47355
Fax: (09) 310 47346

Open: Mon - Tue 08.00 – 16.00, Wed 08.00 - 18.00, Thurs - Fri 08.00 -16.00.

Service area: Kannelmäki, Hakuninmaa, Maununneva

Booking an appointment for a personal doctor and nurse

Appointments for both personal doctors and personal nurses are booked through the personal nurse who evaluates together with the patient the urgency for treatment, gives advice and, as necessary, books an appointment to see herself or himself or directs the patient to see his or her personal physician. On weekdays, the personal nurse has two times when he/she can be contacted by telephone hours at 8 am – 9 am, and 12 am – 1 pm. Calls made to nurses outside these hours but during the health station opening hours are connected to the health station office where the office’s nursing staff will help the patients.

The telephone number of the health station office customer service (09) 310 47355 can also be called when you do not have a personal nurse or you do not know your nurse’s telephone number.

The health station has an on-call nurse. If your situation is not an emergency requiring immediate treatment, be prepared to wait your turn to see the on-call nurse. Therefore we recommend that, in the first instance, patients contact their own personal nurses.

Personal doctor
Personal nurse Larisa Kostrova
tel. (09) 310 47332
Personal doctor Hilja Leusko
Personal nurse public health nurse
Suvi Niemi

tel. (09) 310 47375
Personal doctor
Personal nurse public health nurse
Mardiya Sherif
tel. (09) 310 47378
Personal doctor Taina Korpiala
Personal nurse public health nurse
Kaisa Jalkanen
tel. (09) 310 47360
Personal doctor Erik Palm
Personal nurse public health nurse
Taina Konttinen
tel. (09) 310 47363
Personal doctor Ismail Tamer Agha
Personal nurse public health nurse
Vera Lindström
tel. (09) 310 47376
Personal doctor
Personal nurse public health nurse
Marja Koski
tel. (09) 310 47361
Personal doctor Olga Lensu
Personal nurse public health nurse
Mari Vanne
tel. (09) 310 47377
Personal doctor Tom Klaile (chief physician)
Personal nurse nurse
Minna Lillberg (nurse manager)
tel. (09) 310 47374

Centralised appointment and guidance service in maternity and child health clinics

From Monday to Friday 8.00 to 14.00 at 09 310 55530 in Finnish, Swedish and English


When your local health station is closed and your condition or illness requires urgent medical treatment, you should go to the emergency health centre.

Adults - Haartman Hospital, Emergency Health Centre

Children - HUCH Lastenklinikka, Emergency Health Centre

The residents of Helsinki can choose which health station and maternity and child health clinic that they would like to use
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 Telephone health service

The nurses of the Telephone Health Service number 09 310 10023 provide the residents of Helsinki with health-related information, 24 hours a day. Please call the Telephone Health Service when you require treatment instructions for illnesses.

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