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Art Museum

         Art Museum_front page

         Art Museum
               Opening hours, admission and contact info
                     Calendar days
               Visiting information
               Museums history
                     Publications 2014
                     Publications 2013
                     Publications 2012
                     Publications 2011
                     Publications 2010
                     Publications 2009
                     Publications 2008
                     Publications 2007

                     Tennis Palace upcoming
                     Kluuvi Gallery upcoming
               Previous exhibitions

         Museum Education
               Guided tours
               Schools and kindergartens
               Families with children
               Tennis Palace
               Tennari Youth group

         Tennis Palace
               Museum Shop
               Previous exhibitions
               Chaplin in pictures
                     More about the exhibition
                     Guided tours
                     Get discount with S-etukortti card
                     Upcoming Event Days
                     A series of Chaplin movies in the Orion cinema
                     Masquerade – an exhibition on loneliness at Annantalo
                     The Picture of Loneliness – lecture series
                     More about the exhibition

         Kluuvi Gallery
               Previous exhibitions
               ARTTU MERIMAA
                     More about the exhibition

               Bought collections
               Donated collections
                     The Katarina and Leonard Bäcksbacka Collection
                     The Gösta Becker Collection
                     The Katariina Salmela-Hasan and David Hasan Collection
                     The Martta and Reino Sysi Collection
                     The Aune and Elias Laaksonen Collection
               Accessioned collection
                     Accessioned collection
               Public Art
                     Collections outdoors
                     Collections indoors
                     Percentage financing of arts
               Conservation and care
               Damage notification
               Photo loans

         Regional museum activity

         Press services
               Press Images
                     Art Museum Tennis Palace
                     Art Museum Meilahti
                     Kluuvi Gallery

         Decision making




         Taidemuseo.fi -magazine

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