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 Helsinki for All 2002–2011
The aim of the Helsinki for All project is a city in which everyone can move and live with ease. Our goal is a Helsinki whose streets and green areas, buildings and public transport solutions are easy to use and blend seamlessly together. Public services are available to everyone.
  • The City of Helsinki’s Accessibility Plan lays out the principles of accessibility and sets objectives for practical work.
  • In regional accessibility plans the most important focuses and necessary actions for achieving accessibility are itemized.
  • The city’s offices and institutions implement the plans.
  • The Helsinki for All Project coordinates work so that offices take uniform action and timetables are compatible.

Helsinki for All is a cooperation project established by the Helsinki City Board in 2002 and headed by the Public Works Department. Representatives of city offices, associations for the elderly and disabled, resident associations, government, property owners, commercial life and organizations are all participating in the project. The project will continue until 2011.

Helsinki will become a city for all, when the implementation of accessibility is part of the normal function of every office and institution. An accessible city also requires the efforts of private actors for its implementation.


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SuRaKu-Criteria for accessibility and the instruction cards now available also in English!

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