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 Afternoon activities for school children

Afternoon activities for school children as specified in the Basic Education. Act are carried out by schools, various organizations, parishes and private actors.

Afternoon activities take place in schools or nearby facilities. There are approximately 180 activity centres in Helsinki.

Trained professional instructors are responsible for the activities. The daily activities are held both indoors and out. In addition to supervised activities in groups, the afternoon activities create the setting for children to engage in their own games and activities and to develop social relationships. Group activities can be enriched by the diverse sports and cultural offerings of the City of Helsinki.

Children are chosen to activity groups on the grounds of applications during the spring term. There’s multiprofessional co-operation when the groups are formed and the children placed in them. Department of Early Education and Care is responsible for organizing the activities for mentally disabled and autistic children.

Afternoon activities start daily after the pupil's school day and end at the latest at 5.00 p.m. Finnish-language activity groups run by the Education Department and congregations end at 4:00pm. Snacks are provided during afternoon activities. All the children taking part in activities are covered by the City’s accident insurance.

Afternoon activities are not offered during school holidays.


Client charges and principles for reducing charges in the school year 2013-2014
Word, pdf


Brochure on afternoon activities for school children in Helsinki,
school year 2014-2015



Afternoon club snack

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