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Vote in the election of the Ruuti core group 2014
Welcome to choosing the new Ruuti core group. You can take part in choosing the group of twenty young people who will take forward the matters of the youth in Helsinki. The core group consists of 13-17-year-old young people and it is chosen through an election every fall for one year.   Read more

Visit RuutiExpo on 30th October and make Helsinki a better place to live
RuutiExpo offers you a chance to talk to the decision-makers about issues affecting young people’s lives – your life. During the round table discussions, you get to challenge the decision-makers on matters like the condition of school buildings, handing out leftover food from schools and bullying. Or would you like to ask Mayor Jussi Pajunen a question? Join the Mayor’s Question Hour and ask anything Helsinki-related.  Read more

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