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 About Us

Mission statement

The City of Helsinki Cultural Office promotes art, culture and creativity, and strives to develop the Helsinki region into a culturally rich and diverse area. In Helsinki, culture is everyone's privilege.

The Cultural Office operates in the following ways:
• Supporting culture: issues grants to art facilities, institutions, organisations and artists, and provides exhibition and work space for artists.
• Offering cultural activities: produces cultural activities itself, and in cooperation with other operators.
• Promoting culture: takes initiative in cultural matters and acts in a goal-oriented fashion with regard to cultural politics on a local, national and international level.


Helsinki is a multi-faceted and unique centre for art, creativity and culture. It is an internationally prominent cultural pioneer in the Baltic region.

The operative units

Annantalo, Villa EläintarhaEspa Stage, Caisa, Harakka Island, KanneltaloMalmitaloSavoy Theatre, Stoa and Vuosaari House.


Annual Report 2012 (pdf)

Annual Report 2011 (pdf)

Annual Report 2010 (pdf)

Annual Report 2009 (pdf)

Annual Report 2008 (pdf)

Annual Report 2007

Annual Report 2006

Annual Report 2005

Annual Report 2004

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