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Helsinki City Hall
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Audit Department
Pages in Finnish only. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1613.


Building Control Department
Pages in Finnish only. Telephone number + 358 9 310 2611.

Financial Management Services
Main purpose is to produce financial and payroll management services for the City of Helsinki group. Telephone number + 358 9 310 2500.


City Executive Office (Administration Centre, Personnel Centre and Economic and Planning Centre merged as City Executive Office on 1 January 2014).
Telephone number + 358 9 310 1641.


City Library
An extensive Web service provided by the City Library and its 35 branch libraries. Telephone number + 358 9 310 8511.


City Museum
Helsinki City Museum specialises in the history of Helsinki. Information about museums, on-line exhibitions, special pages for children and a 3D Virtual Museum.
Telephone number + 358 9 310 1041.

City of Helsinki Service Centre Palmia
Pages in Finnish only. Telephone number + 358 9 310 2700.


City of Helsinki Urban Facts
City statistics, databases and research summaries. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1612.


City Planning Department
Directs construction within Helsinki and the development of the living and working environments in the city through town planning and lying down other guidelines, develops the traffic system. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1673.


City Transport
Timetables, route maps and general information. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1071.


Cultural Office
The Cultural Office provides performing and working facilities for artists and arts institutions, supports cultural events and their production, produces arts programmes and promotes regional culture. Ten cultural centres, including the Lasipalatsi Media Centre. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1060.


Education Department
The Education Department is responsible for the general, vocational and adult education in Helsinki. Telephone number + 358 9 310 8600.


Environment Centre
The Environment Centre provides information about the state of our environment as a basis for decision-making and to promote the well-being of Helsinki-dwellers. The Environment Centre also carries out the legally prescribed advisory and supervisory duties in such areas as: environmental protection, the supervision of food products, consumer goods, and chemicals, as well as animal welfare.
Telephone number + 358 9 310 1635.


Finnish Adult Education Centre
The Finnish-language Adult Education Centre's six regional branches operate courses in 100 different places throughout the city. It has an extensive teaching programme. Telephone number + 358 9 310 8811.


Helsinki Art Museum
On this web-site you will find information on the Helsinki City Art Museum and the Kluuvi Gallery run by the Museum. Also to be found is an extensive section on public sculpture in Helsinki. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1051.


Helsinki Energy
Helsinki Energy is the biggest energy company producing and distributing electricity and district heat in Finland. Telephone number + 358 9 6171.

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
Concerts, tickets, history, discography etc. Telephone number + 358 9 40241.


Helsinki Water
From 1.1.2010 Helsinki Water is part of Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY). 
[ Helsinki Water ]


Helsinki Wholesale Market
The Helsinki Wholesale Market offers enterprises business facilities, areas on lease as well as various supplementary services.Telephone number + 358 9 310 1633.


Helsinki Zoo
In Helsinki Zoo you meet animals all the way from the arctic tundra to the tropical rainforest.
Telephone number + 358 9 310 1615.


Housing Production Department
Produces high quality rental homes, owner-occupied homes and right-of-occupancy housing.
Telephone number + 358 9 310 1672.

Early Childhood Care and Education Department
The department is responsible for day care and pre-school teaching in Finnish, open activities in playgrounds, clubs for playing and family houses as well as for co-ordinating the home care allowance and the private day care allowance. Telephone numero +358 9 310 1711.

Occupational Health Centre
The Occupational Health Centre provides health services to the employees and workplaces within the City of Helsinki. Telephone number + 358 9 310 5014.


Port of Helsinki
The services of Finland's largest passenger harbour and general cargo harbour. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1621.


Procurement Centre
Pages in Finnish only. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1631.


Public Works Department
The task of the Public Works Department is to plan, build and maintain Helsinki´s streets, parks and green areas. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1661.


Real Estate Department
The City Real Estate Department is organized in eight divisions responsible for managing, renting and selling land and real estate owned by the City, the administration of dwelling houses owned by the City, geotechnical expert services, map and real estate information services. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1671.


Rescue Department
General information, organization and statistics. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1651.


Social Services and Health Care Department
Basic information about the social and health services available to residents of Helsinki. Telephone number + 358 9 310 5015.


Sports Department
Provides and maintains sports facilities, outdoor recreation areas and arranges supervised sports activities.
Telephone number + 358 9 310 8771.


Stara, Construction Services
Telephone number + 358 9 310 17000


Swedish Adult Education Centre
The Centre arranges every year about 600 various courses, lectures, discussions, concerts etc. Telephone number + 358 9 310 1031.


Youth Department
The Youth Department offers services to meet the young people's needs and aspirations in leisure, employment, housing, counselling and guidance. Telephone number + 358 9 310 8900.


Foundations, establishments and corporations belonging to the Helsinki Group


Finlandia Hall


City Theatre
Information about the theatre, current programme and tickets.

Helsinki Festival
The annual Helsinki Festival is a large event held in August.


The Olympic Stadium
Information about the Olympic Stadium and a section on the runner Paavo Nurmi.


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