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 16.01.15  Finland’s biggest cities join forces to open data

Open data is a much talked about topic worldwide. Data is a raw material that can be processed into new innovations, intelligent services that ease our everyday lives, new business, and even new export products. The six biggest cities of Finland have launched extensive cooperation to utilize the opportunities offered by open data.  Read more...

 18.12.14   Strong increase in Helsinki’s foreign-language population
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   Who are we?

City of Helsinki Urban Facts was established in 1911 and it is the department in charge of urban statistics, urban research, and information services as well as the entire city archives.

Many of the works and services are targeted not only at the City of Helsinki but also at the Helsinki Region. National task forces in the field of urban and regional statistics and research are often designated to City of Helsinki Urban Facts, which is a well networked organization with a lot of co-operation with universities and major cities in the Nordic countries, in the Baltic Rim, and in all Europe.

Exchange of experiences and presentation of achievements in the field of urban statistics and research go even more international. Participation in comparative urban studies is an important activity. During the last years a lot of emphases and work is devoted to open data.

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