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 28.04.14  New statistical publication compares Helsinki and Tallinn

The statistical comparison of Helsinki and Tallinn has now been compiled comprehensively into one publication. The cities have cooperated to produce Helsinki-Tallinn – facts and figures, a publication in English that compiles the facts and figures of the cities in thirteen different categories.  Read more...

 05.05.14   Helsinki population grew by 8,700 last year
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   Who are we?

What was Finland's capital city like 100 years ago? What is it like now? And what about the future? These are the kind of questions to which City of Helsinki Urban Facts provides answers. The centre is unique in that it brings together in one institution archives, statistics, research and forecasts.

City of Helsinki Urban Facts was created in 1990 through the merging of the City Statistical Office and the City Archives. Helsinki Urban Facts consists of four divisions and it has around 80 employees.

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