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Helsinki Art Museum Tennis Palace

Iiu Susiraja: Sarjasta Hyvä käytös: Symbioosi / From the series Good Behaviour: Symbiosis, 2009 © Helsingin taidemuseo / Helsinki Art Museum. Kuva / Photo: Hanna Kukorelli
14 Feb - 13 Jul 2014

The exhibition explores the experience of loneliness. Loneliness can take many forms: a child having no one to play with, a young person being excluded from a gang, an old person being left alone. But it is also possible to feel lonely in a crowd, even in a close human relationship. Loneliness can be a physical isolation or an emotional state. It is oppressive and devitalising, and gives rise to a sense of injustice. The show comprises paintings, drawings, photographs and videos by fifteen contemporary artists. The works have been selected from the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum.

Malin Ahlsved: Sarjasta Rakas pimeys, 2009-2011 © Helsingin taidemuseo, kuva: Hanna Kukorelli
Ben Kaila: Sarjasta Kodittomuuden kasvot: Linnanmäki, 2000 © Helsingin taidemuseo, kuva: Hanna Kukorelli

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