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 Finnish studies

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Those pursuing studies in the Finnish language can smoothly progress from the basic to the intermediate and advanced levels. The students can also take the National Certificate of Language Proficiency in Finnish, regardless of how and when they have acquired their language skills. The intermediate level at this examination is given in the Adult Education Centre four times a year. Although, no examinations will be held during autumn semester 2013 and spring semester 2014.

The Finnish courses offered by the Adult Education Centre follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Accordingly, the courses are grouped into basic (levels 1 and 2), intermediate (levels 3 and 4) and advanced (levels 5 and 6) courses. Detailed descriptions of the skill levels are available on the website of the National Board of Education.

Skill levels in the system of National Certificate of Language Proficiency correspond to skill levels of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2):

The National Certificate of Language Proficiency, adapted in Finnish studies in the Adult Education Centre The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Starting level Target level
Basic level 1 0
No Finnish language skills
Basic level 1, continuation course  A1.2
Language basics
Basic level 2 A1.3
You can handle simple non-work-related situations. You can write a little.
Basic level 2, continuation course  A2.1
You can handle running normal errands.
Intermediate level 3  A2.2
Your understanding is reasonably good with regard to familiar subjects. You can write simple language.
Intermediate level 3, continuation course B1.1
A moderate grasp of language in day-to-day situations related to work and leisure.
Intermediate level 4  B1.2
A fluent grasp of language in day-to-day situations related to work and leisure.
Intermediate level 4, continuation course B2.1
Basic level of independent language proficiency.
Advanced level 5 B2.2 C1.1
Advanced level 5, continuation course  C1.1 C1.2
Advanced level 6   C1.2 C2.1
Advanced level 6, continuation course C2.1 C2.2

Basic level courses provide the students with the ability to understand clear speech dealing with everyday matters, to read uncomplicated texts and to write simple messages.

Intermediate level courses develop the students’ language skills: they become more confident speakers and are acquainted with the spoken language used in radio and television, for instance. They also become able to produce longer texts and gain a good understanding of basic grammar. Intermediate level courses are fairly demanding.

Advanced level courses are demanding and require good oral and written skills in Finnish.

Optimal learning results will be reached if the student takes the courses in chronological order. However, if the student has some Finnish language skills before starting to study at the Adult Education Centre, he or she can embark on the studies at an appropriate level. The student advisors assist the students in choosing the right course level.

Computer laboratories
As an alternative to enrolling in a Finnish course, students can study Finnish independently in the computer laboratories designed for language study in the facilities of the Adult Education Centre. These computer laboratories offer a selection of CD-ROMs relating to the Finnish language. Further information (in Finnish): Opiskelu > Itseopiskelu > Kielten itseopiskelu.

Finnish courses for immigrants



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