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Lycée de Saint-Just, Lyon


The cooperation with this school has been in place since 2004-2005.

The goal of this exchange is to develop language skills and learn about French culture in an authentic environment. During the week long exchange, students stay with host families, and this encourages and develops communication skills.

During the week, participants become familiar with sites and the history of the city of Lyon. A day-trip to nearby attractions is also part of the program. Students also become acquainted with the French school system by attending lessons at the school.

All participants also complete a project, which changes from year to year and is connected to the theme of the exchange. This program is intended for all students of French, especially those who study French A and/or who are preparing for the DELF-language exam (a language certificate awarded by the French government).

Each year, approximately 20 students and 2 teachers (from each school) participate in this program.


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