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Welcome to the webpage of the Helsinki City Rescue Department!
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 Information on the Helsinki City Rescue Department's web service

The responsible editor of the Helsinki City Rescue Department's website is Information Officer, Päivi Aravuori, Tel. +358-(0)9-310 30015.

The Rescue Department's web service is available at http://www.hel.fi/pel. The site can also be accessed at http://www.hel.fi/pelastuslaitos. The following direct addresses can be used to access parts of the service.
- www.hel.fi/nuohous
- www.hel.fi/yleisotapahtumat 
- www.hel.fi/pelastuskoulu
- www.hel.fi/palotarkastus 
- www.hel.fi/turvallisuuskoulutus
- www.hel.fi/pelastussuunnitelma
- www.hel.fi/vaestonsuojelu 

The Rescue Department's web service in Swedish is available at http://www.hel.fi/raddningsverket. The Swedish version of the site uses the following direct addresses:
- www.hel.fi/sotning
- www.hel.fi/publikevenemang
- www.hel.fi/raddningsskolan
- www.hel.fi/brandsyn
- www.hel.fi/sakerhetsutbildning
- www.hel.fi/raddningsplanen
- www.hel.fi/befolkningsskydd

The Rescue Department's web service in English is available at http://www.hel.fi/rescuedepartment

Links and images

The Helsinki City Rescue Department primarily holds a copyright to the content that is produced for, and posted on, its website. Links from the Rescue Department's website to non-commercial web pages can be created provided that all copyright-related regulations are observed. 

We strive to keep the information on the Rescue Department's web pages up-to-date. For technical reasons, however, the Rescue Department cannot guarantee that all the information on the site remains valid, unchanged and up-to-date at all times. The Helsinki City Rescue Department cannot be held responsible for any damage that is caused by the use of its web service.

The Rescue Department's website contains links to the web pages of operators outside the city organisation, such as state bodies and non-profit communities. The Helsinki City Rescue Department cannot be held accountable for the content of these third party websites.

The Rescue Department's communications staff and consultants maintain the content of its website. Feedback on the web service can be submitted via the feedback form.


  City of Helsinki, Registry, Rescue Department, P.O. Box 10, FI-00099 City of Helsinki, Finland
Tel: +358 9 310 1651 (exchange), Fax. +358 9 310 30029 E-mail: helsinginpelastuslaitos@hel.fi

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