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 Services for meals at home

 We offer and deliver prepared meals to the homes of around 1500 customers every day of the year, including public holidays. Our meals provide the usual standard Finnish fare and we offer a choice of four alternatives each day: there are two hot meals and two cold meals to choose from.  The meals consist of a main course, salad and dessert and can be supplemented with bread, butter or other type of spread, and a beverage. We endeavour to take into consideration our client’s wishes concerning special dietary requirements or other special needs.

Our clients may choose whether they would like to have their meals served every day, or just a few times a week. A menu for the whole week is delivered to the client beforehand, so that the preferred choice of meal may be selected in advance. The meals are prepared, in conjunction the food designated for hospitals, in our catering centres, where they are packed and delivered to the clients every day between 11a.m. – 2 p.m.

Palmia’s home-meals service covers the east, west, and northern regions of the City of Helsinki. Our clients chiefly consist of senior-citizens who live at home or are convalescent. Whilst the City of Helsinki supports the provision of meals to its home-care clients, this service is available to members of the general public, at their own expense.

A home-delivery service, providing basic groceries and other day-to-day provisions, may also be ordered through the home-meals service. Those clients that require the home-delivery service for groceries may order their provisions either directly from the supplier, or place an order via the home-support service of their local health centre. Orders for the home-delivery groceries service should be placed two-weekdays prior to delivery. Deliveries of groceries to the client are made on weekdays in conjunction with the delivery of their meals. It is also possible to become our client by simply using our grocery-shopping service.


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