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 Vocational education

In all, there are 13 vocational institutions in Helsinki. The City of Helsinki maintains one of them, Helsinki Vocational College. Other vocational institutions are also maintained by private bodies or foundations in Helsinki, covering the sectors of business and administration; culture; tourism, catering and home economics; health and social services; and technology and transport.

The vocational institution maintained by the City of Helsinki provides programmes leading to upper secondary vocational qualifications. Building on the comprehensive school syllabus, vocational studies last three years. All upper secondary vocational qualifications provide the same eligibility for further study at polytechnics, universities and other higher education institutions as the upper secondary school matriculation examination.

It is also possible to complete upper secondary level vocational qualifications or to obtain additional vocational training through apprenticeship training. Apprenticeship training is organised by Helsinki Vocational College.


 Helsinki Vocational College

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