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The Wilma system makes communication easier between the home and school

The Internet portal Wilma is used by many schools in Helsinki to handle matters connected to the educational arrangements and education of pupils and students.

Parents receive information on their child's educational arrangements and education from Wilma. Using Wilma, you can also follow how your own child is participating in education. Wilma is integrated directly with the student management systems of comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools and general upper secondary schools for adults.

Pupils and students also use Wilma to follow their own studies and in upper secondary school to enrol in courses for example.

Wilma requires a user ID

At the start of the school year, the pupil's guardians receive their own pupil-specific user ID for Wilma. The guardian's user ID is generated automatically using the guardian's information acquired from the population register. A guardian can apply in writing for another user ID from the school for justified reasons. If the school cannot create a new user ID, the application is submitted to the local education department. The school will inform the guardian of the new user ID.

Pupils and students will receive their Wilma user ID from their school. Additional information is available from the school's headmaster or headmistress or from the school secretary.

How does the school use Wilma?

Teachers can include the evaluations given to their pupils/students in Wilma, follow their performance and assist them in completing the syllabuses and choosing courses for upper secondary school. The teacher can send topical bulletins and messages connected to their group's educational arrangements. The headmaster or headmistress can send brochures concerning the whole school and carry out surveys for the home through the Internet. Teachers can log the absences of pupils or students in Wilma and keep track of their explanations. The student welfare personnel can take part in this monitoring process.

How does Wilma serve homes?

Using Wilma, guardians can keep in touch with teachers on matters connected to education and notify of the illnesses of pupils or students. Similarly, teachers, school social workers and psychologists can contact homes through Wilma.

Guardians can follow their child's performance in various subjects and explain absences. Using Wilma, it is possible to read bulletins sent by the headmaster or headmistress or a teacher and guardians can respond to surveys sent by the headmaster, headmistress or teacher. It is also possible to learn about the school's strategy through Wilma.

The guardians of upper secondary school students can see their child's study schedule in Wilma.

How does Wilma serve pupils and students?

Using Wilma, all pupils and students can see their own grades given by teachers and their own absences as recorded by the teacher. Like guardians, they can also read messages sent by the teacher or send messages to the teacher and read bulletins from the headmaster or headmistress or a teacher. Pupils and students can reply to surveys through Wilma. Upper secondary school students can also select courses from their own school or the general selection of secondary level courses and see their own course schedule.



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