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 Finnish for adults

The Education Department of the City of Helsinki provides several Finnish language courses on different levels in Helsinki Upper Secondary School for Adults. The school arranges basic and continuation courses in Finnish. There are also courses for students whose reading and writing skills are weak or who do not understand the Latin writing system. Helsinki Upper Secondary School for Adults provides adult immigrants with an opportunity to complete the comprehensive school and the general upper secondary school and take the matriculation exam. In comprehensive school and general upper secondary school the teaching is in Finnish. It’s also possible to complete National Certificate of Language Proficiency in Finnish (yleinen kielitutkinto, YKI). Detailed information on the Finnish courses is available from the school.

Helsinki Upper Secondary School for Adults (Helsingin aikuislukio) has three branches:

  • The Central Area Branch (Keskustan toimipiste)
  • The East Helsinki Branch (Itä-Helsingin toimipiste)
  • The Mäkelänrinne Branch (Mäkelänrinteen toimipiste)

Besides Helsinki Upper Secondary School for Adults maintained by the City of Helsinki there is a private school Eira High School for Adults that provides several Finnish courses and other studying opportunities for adult immigrants.
www.eira.fi/home (information available in English)

The City of Helsinki provides Finnish language courses also at Suomenkielinen työväenopisto (The Finnish Adult Education Centre of the City of Helsinki). For information on courses visit www.hel.fi/tyovaenopisto > Maahanmuuttajat (information in English).

Through the finnishcourses.fi course search service you can find course information in English, Finnish and Russian: www.finnishcourses.fi.


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