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 Transfer to special education in forms 7–9
If a pupil needs continuous support when transferring to the seventh form, the pupil’s parents may apply for the right to special education on the pupil’s behalf. The lower stage school will help in planning special education.

Pupils transferred to special education may work in regular classes, in special classes or at special schools. Pupils are provided with individual curricula and their progress is assessed on a continuous basis. Where necessary, the special education decision may be revoked. Teaching arrangements will always be agreed with the parents.

Studying in a regular class

Some children transferred to special education may study in regular classes, with additional support provided by special needs teachers or special needs assistants. This may also include occasional study in smaller groups. Special education provided in a regular class will be negotiated separately with the upper stage school.

Special classes and special schools

Many Finnish-language upper stage schools have special classes for 6–10 pupils with their own special class teachers. These classes provide the opportunity to give individual instruction and to take account of problems with learning and working and co-operation skills. A special class is an advisable alternative if a pupil needs considerable special arrangements in support of learning. Special classes work in co-operation with mainstream classes. At special schools, all classes are special classes.

Swedish-language special classes are located at Minervaskolan (Minerva School).


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