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 School and home

Co-operation with pupils’ homes is an important part of a school’s work. This requires active participation and commitment from both parties. Co-operation benefits everyone: pupils, parents and teachers.

Forms of co-operation include parent-teacher meetings, class committees and private consultations with parents. By participating in these activities, parents are supporting the school’s teaching and educational work.

Parents may also participate in school development through the school board and the parents’ association. In Helsinki, there is a joint parents’ association for all schools, the Regional Association of Helsinki Parents’ Associations (HELVARY ry, www.helvary.blogspot.com). For information on the Association’s activities, please contact the chairman, Tuija Tikkanen tel. 040 743 5695, tuija.tikkanen(at)vantaa.fi. 

Swedish-language schools also have a joint association, Förbundet Hem och Skola i Finland (Home and School Federation in Finland). 

Information on the activities of parents’ associations is also available from the Finnish Parents’ League.


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