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Ruuti - a new influence-making model for the youth 

The City Government decided on Monday 13 June 2011 to launch Ruuti, a new model providing young people with opportunities to influence and take part in the city’s decision-making. Ruuti offers a unique way to influence in Helsinki. Ruuti will begin in autumn 2011, on 11 November, when the first RuutiExpo will take place. RuutiExpo gathers together young people to make decisions and suggestions, to take part and to have fun.

Ruuti offers the young a chance to influence using traditional as well as cultural and artistic methods. Influencing is also possible through the internet and social media. The aim of Ruuti is to give the young an opportunity to discuss and dispute matters they consider important with the city’s decision-makers.

Ruuti consists of events, gatherings and young people’s own activities and acts, such as yearly meetings between the young and the city’s decision-makers and the Mayor’s meetings, known as Pamaus meetings.

Initiatives and suggestions are collected during RuutiExpo and through VerkkoRuuti on the internet. The most important part of the new decision-making model is the open activity groups in which the young have the chance to speak up and put forward issues which they consider important.

The model strives to activate all young people, not only those familiar with the city’s decision-making possibilities. Ruuti is open to all young people. Only the core group has an age limit, which is 13-17.

The city’s employees and decision-makers are committed to the rules of Ruuti and the city’s leaders will follow up on the implementation and use of the model.

The Youth Department and the Education Department are responsible for the concrete activities. Ruuti will replace Hesan Nuorten Ääni, the previous decision-making channel for the young.



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