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You have probably heard of Reaktori or Ääni ja Vimma. The Youth Department also organises many other large and smaller events related to different cultural sectors from music to theatre and dance. The events are organised keeping young people in mind and you can help create a festival that will be remembered forever. Here you can find information on some of our most popular events.

Reaktori, nuorisoasiainkeskus

Reaktori is Finland´s biggest youth centre and offers all 10-17 year olds a wide range of things to do, experience and see during winter holidays. At Reaktori young people have the opportunity to get to know the full range of activities that the nearly 80 youth centres and other youth organizations in Helsinki normally offer: skateboarding, courses, music, dance, theatre and photography.

Loistefestari - Young Culture Event
Loistefestari highlights the artistic talents of young people in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Its themes varies bewteeen theatre, music or dance. Held in spring, the event gives groups of 10-20-year-olds an opportunity to present the results of their hobby activities in a high-class setting. A jury consisting of professionals and experts in the field evaluates the performances and gives the artistes both oral and written feedback. The festival culminates in a splendid gala featuring the best pickings from the rich harvest. The most interesting entries proceed to the national Nuori Kulttuuri review.


Ääni ja Vimma - Band Review
First organised over 16 years ago, the Ääni ja Vimma (Sound and Fury) band review has provided several young artistes and bands with a springboard from which to launch their careers. All under-25s are entitled to compete. The first round takes place asregional reviews, where a jury drawn from professionals in the music business give the bands oral and written feedback. The 14 bands that reach the final get, in addition to fame and honour, studio time to make a demo, gift cards as well as gigs at music venues. Be alert to register before the deadline!
Read more here: nuoriso.hel.fi/aanijavimma.


Junior Ääni ja Vimma

The junior version of Sound & Fury is a band review for under-14s organised at Arabia youth centre every spring. It was created because it seemed that the youngest bands competing in Ääni ja Vimma were being trampled underfoot by the older ones. It too has been a doorway to success for many starting music talents. 

Find out more: nuoriso.hel.fi/aanijavimma.

Dance Action - Show and Disco Dance Contest
DanceAction, which is held in late autumn, is a dance ecent open to all 10–20-year-olds. It features performances of the current year’s most popular patterns and styles and the jury of professionals give their feedback. Audiences can watch the fast-paced performances free of charge! The genres are street, contemporary dance, ballet, jazz, show, step and etnical dance styles. 

Find out more: nuoriso.hel.fi/danceaction.




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