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 Cash grants

A prerequisite for the payment of grants is that the funds made available be used to support activities. They are not intended to maintain activities, for which reason every recipient association must have it own fundraising programme.

There are four categories of grants: general, for wages, for running camps and for projects. To assist projects there are start-up grants in addition to rent support, transport grants and grants to support the activities or clubs catering for residential buildings or city blocks.

General conditions for payment of grants

  1. The activities that the grant will support must be intended for Helsinki children or adolescents.
  2. A grant may be used only for the purpose specified in the grant decision. If the intended use is not specified in greater detail in the grant decision, it must be used for the purpose stated in the application.
  3. Grants are not paid for the purpose of being passed on to other associations or individual persons.
  4. Grants are not paid to central organisations.
  5. The City of Helsinki has the right to deduct from a grant made to an organisation any receivables that it may have from the latter.
  6. Grants are approved on the condition that the funds be returned on demand if they are used for any other purpose other than that with respect to which they were applied for or if the conditions set with respect to them are not observed or if the grant recipient has given the Youth Department incorrect or defective information in matters pertaining to the grant.
  7. A grant shall not be approved for the same intended use from two or more funding allocations within the city.
  8. A grant shall not be approved for the same intended use from two or more of the forms of assistance provided for by the Youth Committee.
  9. Grant funds must be spent within the calendar year for which they are approved.

Additional information:
Youth Secretary
Mervi Smahl-Laurikainen
Tel:. 310 89016

Youth Secretary
Talasmäki Virpi
Tel: (09) 310 89144



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