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The activities of Luotsi (”pilot” in english) are designed for the 12-15 year old young, who are in need of special support. The young person who joins Luotsi will get an individual support program with set goals and taking notice on the young person’s life in home, school and free time.

Luotsis are set out in various parts of Helsinki. For the youth in eastern city there’s Itäluotsi and Skanssi, for the youth in northeast there’s Koillisluotsi and for the youth at Haaga-Kaarela area there’s Länsiluotsi. Spinnu is youth work targeted for the young ones with roots in the former Soviet Union.

Do you worry about a certain young person?

Young people can attend Luotsi through schools student welfare group, youth centres, child protective services and other sources specialised in youth work. If you are concerned over a certain young, the tutors at Luotsi are happy to discuss with you if Luotsi would be a good choice for him or her. Never hesitate to call them.
The mission for Luotsi is to secure the young persons growth, make a positive impact on their and their family’s life and also enhance the equal chances for them in general. The young person will get his/her own tutor from the Luotsi crew, who he/she will meet in private on regular basis. The young person can attend Luotsi’s programme for 1-1,5 years.

The strengths of Luotsi include
* special know-how when facing the young
* investing in co-operation
* individual and customer based work style
* flexibility in procedures and working hours
* a long term contact between a young person and a trustworthy adult
* enabling positive experiences
* possibility to offer a variety of leisure time action, trips, camps and small groups for the young
* comprehensive knowledge of available youth hobbies and services in the area

Jonna Laitinen
Phone 09- 310 71681, 050 5591784
e-mail: jonna.laitinen@hel.fi
PL 5066, Turunlinnantie 1 A
00099 City of Helsinki



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