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3.10.2014  Photo pairs bring together amateur photographers
3.10.2014  City Museum events in October
28.8.2014  Get a 1950s look free of charge at the museum hairdresser’s
28.8.2014  City Museum events in September
2.5.2014  City Museum events in May
1.4.2014  City Museum events in April
31.3.2014  A City of Ice and Snow
1.3.2014  Helsinki City Museum events in March
1.3.2014  Helsinki City Museum collections available online
12.2.2014  New City Museum due to open in 2016
3.2.2014  Events in February
15.1.2014  City Museum events in January
9.1.2014  What kind of museum would you like?
29.11.2013  City Museum events in December
13.11.2013  1950s photos in the Brylcreem exhibition
1.11.2013  City Museum events in November
26.9.2013  City Museum events in October 2013
29.8.2013  City Museum Events in September
20.8.2013  Night of the Arts 22 August
5.6.2013  Go mad about Helsinki!
29.5.2013  City Museum events in June
24.5.2013  Tuomarinkylä Manor Museum closes
25.4.2013  City Museum events in May
3.4.2013  City Museum events in April
4.3.2013  City Museum events in March
27.11.2012  Christmas at Helsinki City Museum 2.12.
21.11.2012  Helsinki’s oldest building given to the city’s youngest
14.11.2012  Excavations of an old cemetery at Senate Square
8.11.2012  Christmas traditions of Helsinki window by window
6.9.2012  The whole spectrum of Uusimaa museums now online
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