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 Compensation for damages

The Public Works Department is responsible for the damage caused to the inhabitants of the City should the street not be in an adequate condition for traffic. Damage can be caused to vehicles for example due to a pothole in the street or due to a fallen traffic sign or a tree on the street or in the park. In the winter, slipping accidents are a frequent occurrence.

The Public Works Department is responsible for:

  • the condition of the street carriageway
  • gritting pavements bordering parks
  • gritting pedestrian crossings, pedestrian and cycling paths and market squares.


  • Tram rails and the area between the rails is maintained by the City Transport
  • Sewer manhole covers are maintained by Helsinki Water
  • Gritting of the pavement is the responsibility of the local property owner except for areas where all street maintenance duties have been transferred to the City.

As a rule, responsibility for loss or damage in public areas rests with the party that is responsible for the maintenance of the area involved. For more information about the division of duties related to the maintenance of public areas, see the street maintenance page.

Compensation claims

Claims for compensation are filed with the Street and Park Division of the Public Works Department. Forms required for compensation claims are here (in Finnish).



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