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 Travelling by tram

This page provides information about travelling by tram. General instructions for using public transport in Helsinki can be found on HSL’s website.

It’s easy to pay for your journey using a travelcard or your mobile phone. You can load your travelcard with a period of time or an amount of money and this will work out cheaper than buying a ticket for each journey. Mobile phone tickets (text A1 to 16355) must be purchased before entering the tram. More information is available on HSL’s website.

Ensin ulos, sitten sisään
Let passengers get off
the tram before you get on. To enable everyone to get on and off easily, please keep to your right-hand side of the doorway when entering or leaving the tram.

The doors shut automatically. People with reduced mobility should use the door nearest the driver.

Bicycles and very large loads are not allowed on trams for safety reasons.

may travel on trams if they are held or kept on a lead, as long as this does not inconvenience other passengers.

If you are not taking your free newspaper with you, please place it in the bag provided.

Please press the stop button in good time before your stop, once the tram has moved off from the previous stop.

Pushchairs on trams

Pushchair spaces in trams
There is space for pushchairs next to the middle doors (second doors counting from the frot end of a tram). On low-floor trams there is also a pushchair space immediately behind the driver. If you press the pushchair button, the doors will stay open longer.

Lastenvaunujen nostaminen ratikkaan
On trams with steps, please always lift pushchairs on and off with the handles towards the inside of the tram. Pushchairs up to 62 cm wide will fit through doors like those shown in the picture. Wider pushchairs can be accommodated on low-floor trams or in the central section of the tram.


 Travelling by tram
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