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High Tech Centre in Ruoholahti. Picture: Mika Lappalainen
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 Helsinki Region for investors

Helsinki is a dynamic hub for international business. It is the commercial, political and cultural capital of Finland. Moreover, we are at the heart of the Baltic Sea Region, which is a rapidly developing market of more than a hundred million people.

Helsinki Business Hub 

Greater Helsinki Promotion (GHP) enables dynamic international companies to create success within the heart of business in Finland, Russia and the Baltics. GHP is a non-profit organization, established by the cities of the capital region to drive strategic international investments into the region. Read more...

New areas for business and living

In the forthcoming decades, Helsinki will expand faster than ever before, with the construction of a variety of apartments, offices, kindergartens, schools, parks, streets and recreation areas. The City of Helsinki aims to build quality neighbourhoods where people can enjoy both work and leisure. The recent construction of a new cargo harbour in a different location some distance away from the city centre has provided the opportunity to develop the site of the former old port and railway yard area for other uses, radically altering the appearance of Finland’s capital. Helsinki New Horizons

Business premises

Companies of all sizes are welcome to Helsinki. The different enterprises currently operating in the city are mainly small and medium-sized, with the service sector providing 85 percent of jobs. When planning new precincts, the city takes into consideration the needs that companies have relating to premises. Read more

Via Helsinki to Asia and America

Helsinki is a gateway for air traffic between the American and Asian continents. The triangle formed by Helsinki, Tallinn and St. Petersburg is also attractive globally, since it offers an innovative environment with a sufficient volume, a strong entrepreneurial climate, a strongly growing market area and good logistic connections.

Helsinki Airport is the leading long-haul airport in Northern Europe in terms of the number of destinations served. The airport offers fast, daily non-stop service to ten Asian destinations. North America is also served with daily flights to New York and Chicago. Travel times and distances between European and Asian destinations can be compared at the www.viahelsinki.com website.

In all Helsinki Airport offers non-stop service to over 120 destinations all over the world. This is the second most in Northern Europe. All routes are served frequently. 1,100 flights depart from Helsinki Airport for foreign destinations every week. Travel times and distances between European and Asian destinations can be compared at the www.viahelsinki.com website. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Port of Helsinki is specialized in unitized cargo

Helsinki's port is Finland's main port, specialized in unitized cargo services for Finnish companies engaged in foreign trade. The strength of Helsinki's port lies in regular and frequent ship traffic combined with efficient stevedoring operations. Helsinki is also the busiest passenger port in Finland, with diverse services to Tallinn, Stockholm, Travemünde, Rostock, Gdynia and St. Petersburg. Read more...


Invest in Finland
Good News from Finland
Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce


The City as an Economical Actor

The public economic sphere of Helsinki consists not only of different departments and public utility companies but also of a number of companies and foundations belonging to so-called City of Helsinki GroupAnnual Report of the City of Helsinki 2012 (pdf)


Greater Helsinki Promotion

Helsinki New Horizons

Competitiveness Strategy for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (pdf)

Helsinki Region Innovation Strategy (pdf)

City of Helsinki Economic Development


Port of Helsinki

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport


Baltic Sea Region Investor's Guide (pdf)

Flight times from Helsinki

Stockholm 55 min
St. Petersburg 1 h 5 min
Moscow 1 h 40 min
Berlin 2 h
Beijing 7 h 40 min
Brussels 2 h 40 min
London 3 h 10 min
Mumbai 7 h 25 min
New York 8 h 40 min
Shanghai 8 h 55 min
Soul 8 h 30 min
Tokyo 9 h 25 min

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