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Taxi pole at Senaatintori. Photo: Aleksi Salonen / Helsingin kaupunki


Taxis in Helsinki are reliable and safe. The fleet is of high quality and the drivers are professional. Taxis accept credit and debit cards. Taxis also offer courier services.

Ordering a taxi is easy from a central service, phone 0100 0700. Advance reservations can be made at 0100 0600. Taxis can also be found at taxi stands, indicated by the sign TAKSI, or they can be hailed. When the taxi light is illuminated, the taxi is available.

A number of companies offer transportation services, including Taksikuljetus, Kajon and Kovanen Company. Their fleets range from sedans to buses.

In addition to taxis and buses, ground transportation to and from the Helsinki International Airport is offered by three taxi operators with special taxi services.


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