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 For the elderly

The City of Helsinki provides a range of services for the elderly, from recreational activities at service centres to assisted living and nursing homes.

Information on the services for the elderly is provided by Senior Info. This is a service that provides information and counselling for elderly people on social and health care services, housing, and cultural and leisure activities. Social and Health Services Info serves by phone from 8:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday at (+358 9) 3104 4000.

Social services

The City of Helsinki provides services aimed at helping the elderly to stay and cope in their own homes. The work includes support for family members in caring for the elderly at home.

Service and recreation centres are for the retired and the unemployed in Helsinki. They organize supervised recreational activities including physical exercise, study groups and various other group activities, keeping their doors open from 8:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday.

Rehabilitative daytime activities are meant for those living at home but suffering from memory or other disorders. The activities focus on social interaction and stimulation.

Assisted living homes are for elderly people who cannot cope with everyday routines in their homes on their own or with home care support services. At these homes, the elderly can obtain services they need and join physical exercise and stimulating activities.

Nursing homes are for the elderly who need 24-hour institutional care.

Health care services

All residents of Helsinki are entitled to public health care at local health stations, which are dispersed around the city. Residents are received by the nearest health station. All public health care customers should primarily turn to these stations when in need of care except in case of emergency.


Pensions provide economic security in old age and in case of disability or late-career unemployment. Finland has two statutory pension systems, which complement each other: (1) earnings-related pensions and (2) national pensions supplemented by guarantee pensions.

Earnings-related pensions are accrued through employment and self-employment. Information about these is available at työeläke.fi.

National pensions and guarantee pensions offer a basic income for persons who are entitled only to a very small earnings-related pension or to none at all. These pensions are given out by Kela – The Social Insurance Institution of Finland.


Advice bureau Senior Info

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