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Suomen kielen kurssit


Application time for spring courses is closed.

Course locations
The courses are organized in four locations:

Keskusta/Center (Kalevankatu 8−10)
Itä-Helsinki/East Helsinki (Kajaaninlinnantie 10)
Mäkelänrinne (Mäkelänkatu 47)
Kuutio (Mäkelänkatu 84).

Course levels

Alkeiskurssi / Beginner's course)
(starting level 0)
Jatkokurssi / Continuation course
(starting level A1.3 / A2.1)
Peruskoulun kurssit / Lower secondary courses
(starting level A2.2)

Lukion kurssit / Higher secondary courses
(starting level B1.2, target level B2.2)

Course levels (A1.1−B2.1) are based on The Common European Framework of Reference CEFR. For more information see the pages of European Council.

Courses for illiterate students
In Itä-Helsinki there are Finnish courses for illiterate adults. Courses are intended for people who cannot read or write in any language, whose reading and writing skills are weak, or who do not understand the Latin writing system. Participants in the course will learn the alphabet and numbers, and practice simple Finnish language, reading and writing. The course starts at level 0. Target level is A1.3.

Language of instruction
The language of instruction at all courses is Finnish.

Rules of the school 
All students of Helsingin aikuislukio must obey our rules.

Course price
The course price is EUR 125. The bill for the course will be sent home after the first six weeks. Unemployed Helsinki citizens and full time students get a 50% discount off the course price by showing a valid card (the TE-centre card/student card). 

The courses are intensive in nature so a 100% class attendance is required. Students must arrive to class in time. Students are not allowed to leave the classroom during lessons. The absences of the students taking part in integration training (kotoutumiskoulutus) are informed to the TE-centre.

The amount of work required for an intensive course is estimated at 22 hours a week. This consists of lessons at school (16 hours) and homework (6 hours). The courses include a considerable amount of homework. Completing the homework for each lesson is an essential part of the course.

syysloma 14.  – 20.10.2013
itsenäisyyspäivä 5.  – 8.12.2013
joululoma 19.12.2013 – 12.1.2014 (jatkokurssi 2 starts 7.1.2014)
talviloma 17. – 23.2.2014
pääsiäisloma 17.  – 21.4.2014
vappu 30.4. – 4.5.2014

Social benefits
Students are not eligible for student prize commuter tickets or financial aid to students. However, the students taking part in intergration training (kotoutumiskoulutus) are entitled to the Kela training allowance (kotoutumistuki) for intensive courses (22 working hours a week). For the obtention of the said allowance, the students must contact their TE-centre before the course starts. More information on the training allowance can be obtained from TE-centres, Kela and the pages of Infopankki.

YKI certificate
Mäkelänrinne organizes YKI languages tests. For more information see Yleiset kielitutkinnot YKI.

Other opportunities to learn Finnish
For more information on Finnish courses in the Helsinki area see here.




Courses at Keskusta
Courses at Itä-Helsinki

Courses at Mäkelänrinne

Courses at Kuutio

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