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Helsinki Vocational College is a vocational upper secondary institution that offers vocational upper secondary education and training for young people as well as 10th grade and workshop activity. Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute, which is part of the college, provides vocational adult education and training, apprenticeship training, competence tests, and working life functions.

Helsinki Vocational College is owned by the City of Helsinki. We began our operations at the beginning of the year 2013 through the merger of the City's former three vocational institutes (Helsinki City College of Technology; Helsinki City College of Social and Health Care; Helsinki City College of Culinary Art, Fashion and Beauty), the Helsinki City Bureau on Apprenticeships, and the Helsinki City workshops for young people. 

We have approximately 15,000 students, which makes us one of the biggest vocational education and training providers in Finland. Our teaching language is Finnish.

Helsinki Vocational College offers vocational curriculum-based upper secondary education and training in 56 study programmes in the sectors of Welfare, Service and Communication, Technology and Installation, and Technology and Logistics. 

We also offer upper secondary school studies (double degree), sports training, and vocational education and training for upper secondary school graduates and matriculated students. In addition, we provide preparatory education for immigrants for vocational training.

Click the below links for more information on the vocational qualifications and study programmes offered at Helsinki Vocational College. 

In Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute, adult students may complete vocational qualifications, further qualifications and specialist qualifications. We offer preparatory training for competence-based qualifications in several vocational fields in the sectors of Welfare, Service and Communication, and Technology. Alternatively, through apprenticeship training it is possible to complete vocational, further and specialist qualifications in all vocational fields. We also offer Finnish classes and preparatory vocational training for adult immigrants.

Studies in Helsinki Vocational College and Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute provide students with a broad and versatile vocational education and the skills required in working life. Our institution is a learning environment familiar with the needs of working life, and we support the well-being, vocational growth and lifelong learning of our students. Our staff and students work in continuous cooperation with both foreign and Finnish companies and institutions.


The Finnish national skills competition semi-finals begin in the capital region



Helsinki Vocational College
P.O. Box 3930 
FI-00099 City of Helsinki

+358 9 310 8415
Fax: +358 9 310 81904

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